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Saturday, October 29, 2011

More important always that what you want to say...

Writing is the generosity of writing down whatever comes into your mind, in sequence, as true as you can, The diligence of working with that, in all the ways you can, to make it speak, to make it say more than you know. . . . The patience to know that what the writing is saying is more important, always, than what you want to say. . . . The moral discipline not to use the words to sell yourself or your ideas. The concentration to stay with the work under hand, stay inside it, thinking only with it and not beside it, letting all thinking and feeling come to focus in it, as it. The wisdom to know when you’re done. When it’s done. ~Robert Kelly

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  1. I like this quote, a lot. I think it captures what it is to write. And I've experienced that sense of completeness. Even in nonfiction, there are times when I start to write, and I am not done, until it is done, and I don't know where it is that the beginning will take me, because there is no plan, there is only thought and expression. Writing a scene or a chapter in fiction is like that, too; and writing a poem. You've created a cohesive whole, and you're not even sure where it came from.